Be part of our world-class team

We are offering the opportunity to join our core team of highly skilled, dedicated AI/ML scientists and researchers and to become part of a community of innovators on a mission to combat the threat of space debris.

You will be working alongside some of the most accomplished
minds drawn from the fields of Astrodynamics, Data Science and
Aerospace Engineering. This will be your chance to make a
significant contribution to the future of safety in space.

Why work with us?

We welcome like-minded, qualified, creative professionals in the field to apply for positions in our company to work in this very exciting, ground-breaking sector of the space industry.


Our team is expanding, and we have openings in a number of areas of scientific expertise where you will have the opportunity to help make a real difference to the future of space operations.


Finance Manager

Portugal (Remote)

Finance Manager

Finance | Portugal (Remote)

Benefits of working at Neuraspace


The Opportunity

To be part of a company that is set to become a world market leader in tackling space debris and one of the first European Space Unicorns.


The Challenge

To help a young 100% dedicated team design and develop ever better AI/ML models to meet the demand of keeping increasingly large satellite fleets safe in space.


The Reward

The satisfaction of contributing to the future safety of space as part of an international collaboration of experts with connections to leading AI and Machine Learning research centres.