Space Collision Avoidance with AI/ML

Neuraspace allows you to reduce operational manpower efforts, in particular for large constellations. The number of false alerts will be fewer, and the time between close approach and manoeuvre decision will be less. Thus you will save on fuel and time, while collisions and the menace of space debris will be minimised.


Data Fusion

Combination of different data sources for better informed decisions.


AI first & Explainability

Leveraging the power of AI to predict future behaviour faster and more accurately.


Automated Solution

From data ingestion to manoeuvre suggestion, everything unified in one automated tool.

Your Ever Present Virtual Assistant

With continuous monitoring of your satellites and AI-based prioritisation and classification of alerts related to your assets; workflow management for your operators and event escalation; chat for your satellite operators with operators of other companies and organisations.

Unlike existing solutions that need human experts to determine the criticality of close encounters, our product provides you with personalised assistance, empowering you to manage your assets and tackle the challenge of debris and increasing numbers of satellites in orbit.