Our Team

Neuraspace has assembled a team of experts in AI and Machine Learning - scientists and researchers with backgrounds in Astrodynamics, Data Science and Aerospace Engineering who are bringing a completely original, state-of-the-art approach to the threat of space debris.


Chiara Manfletti

Business Director

Carlos Cerqueira

Operations Director

Lúcia Figueiredo

Commercial Director

Thomas Eggenweiler

Head of Software Engineering

Pedro Feio

Product Manager

Mariana Filipe

Senior HR & Marketing Manager

Nilofar Nigar

Machine Learning

Marta Guimarães

Principal Software Engineer

Tiago Baptista

Machine Learning

Maria Almeida

Flight dynamics & Data/Infrastructure

Miguel Santos

Flight dynamics

André Ribeiro

Software Developer

João Lourenço

Software Developer

Ana Mendes

Quality Assurance

Yurii Zatochnyi

User Experience Designer

Oleksandra Protasova

Front End Developer

Illia Zahorulko

Software Engineer

Miguel Bastos

Quality Assurance Engineer

Júlia Pinheiro

Radar Systems Engineer

Márcio Menezes

Software Engineer

Flábio Filho

Orbital Dynamics Engineer

Gianmario Merisio

Senior Orbit Dynamics Engineer

Rob Arthur

Software Engineer

Flávio Lourenço

Quality Assurance Engineer

Luís Reis

Board Members

Board Member & Investor

Nuno Sebastião

CEO at Feedzai, Staff Member at ESOC/ESA, London Business School, Entrepreneur of the Year

Board Member

Jan Wörner

Former ESA Director General, Former Chairman of the German Aerospace Center 

Board Member

Marco Fuchs

CEO OHB, Vice President for Space at the German Aerospace Industries Association

Board Member

Joaquim Servulo

CEO Armilar, Board member at Outsystems and Feedzai